Healthy Habits

Living Well Journal Page - Healthy Habits,  Lori Kaplan 2012

Are you ready to make a difference in your life? You can! All it takes is a commitment to the process, and the Healthy Habits Journal Page is a great place to begin!

A habit is simply a routine, and if you are in the habit or routine of doing something that doesn’t fully align with what you want for yourself, in health, work, relationships, etc, then creating a new supportive habit or routine will make a difference. The problem for most of us is keeping our attention on our intention!

The Healthy Habits Journal Page is designed to bring your attention to the practice of habits that will strengthen and support you, and let go of habits that get in the way… including the habit of worrying, analyzing, or criticizing yourself while you’re learning a new routine!  Here are 5 simple steps and a sample to get you started!

Using the Healthy Habits Journal Page

1. Think of Health Habits you want for yourself. For example: getting enough sleep, exercising daily, eating healthy meals. Write down your ideas, and choose 1 to 5 as your top priorities. These are the items you are going to list on the Journal Page where it says, “I Choose to…”

2. Imagine what’s been in the way of you practicing the Healthy Habits you’d like to have for yourself. For example, something general, such as stress, exhaustion, or worry, or something specific, such as watching television, working late, snacking on too many sweets. These are the items you are going to list on the Journal Page where it says, “I Release…”

3. Write an intention statement on each purple line, one for each Healthy Habit you want to practice. For example: I Release Exhaustion, I Choose to get more rest and sleep.I Release snacking on sweets. I Choose to eat more fresh foods. See the example  below.

4. Choose a time to check in with yourself every day for a week. This will be your time to  review and affirm your intention statements, and make a note about how things are going.

5. Make a note in the boxes under your intention statement about your follow through each day . Keep it very simple. For example, “Watched tv 1/2 hour, not 2. Went to be on time!” Remember, the purpose of using this Journal Page is to support you in the practice of aligning your attention. This is not about evaluating, judging, or analysing anything you did or didn’t do. Continuing to bring your attention to what you want to release and what you choose to do instead, will help you to make it so!

That’s it, 5 easy steps! Here’s a sample of the Healthy Habits Journal Page all filled out:

If establishing or maintaining healthy habits has been a challenge for your lately, trying using the Healthy Habits Journal Page to give yourself extra support in aligning your attention with your best intentions!

For more ideas about using the Living Well Journal Pages, visit my blog Calm & Sense.

**To print this form, click on it. To get a full size image (8 1/2 x 11″) set your printer to Landscape View, and adjust the size, as needed, so that it fits onto one page. My computer prints this form just right at 95%.

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