Living Well Journal Pages

Attention on Intentions for Living Well PagesThe Living Well Journal Pages are designed to give you daily support in the process of making a difference where you want it most. Each Journal Page focuses on a particular area of Living Well, and they are all easy to use. I recommend them for kids, teens, and adults. If you want more peace, ease, love, and joy in your life, then using these pages on a regular basis will help you to make it so!

How to use the Living Well Journal Pages
Go to the tab for Living Well Journal Pages, hover over it with your pointer to view the options, then click on the Journal Page you want. That’s where you’ll find the basic forms and basic instructions. This is also where I will, in time, list references to other creative ways to use the forms and the underlying ideas. If you make up your own way of using these Living Well Journal Pages, make sure it’s grounded in a compassionate conversation with yourself!

How to Print a Journal Page:
Once you’re on the Journal Page you want, click on the form. Although every printer is different, here’s how I set my options to get a full size print out:

1. Set to Landscape view
2. Set to 115%
3. Set to print page 1

Let me know if you give it a try. I’d love to hear from you!

Wishing you more peace, ease, love and joy… now!

Lori Kaplan

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